TWZT for the sport and casual shoe are made of a strong and lightweight Thermoplastic. Each TWZT can be ordered in a variety of colors.

Each TWZT shoelace system includes the following:
1) Two (2) rotary lace devices...the TWZT
2) Two (2) aglet clips...TWZT Tip Locks
3) One (1) pair of laces...TWZT Lace

*When choosing lace size select the shoe type for the TWZT.  Use the following guide to determine lace size: 4 or less eyelets on each side of shoe = kids/oxford; 5-7 eyelets = low top; 8 or more eyelets = high top.

If you're unsure measure your current lace and choose a size smaller. The lace size will be smaller than your current lace because the TWZT uses less lace. 

$ 14.99

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